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Cumberland Ham
The original farmhouse-style ham, which many years ago would have been found hanging from every country kitchen ceiling. We still use the identical curing method perfected by the company's founder, Hannah Woodall in 1828. Well rubbed with salt, cured for one month and then matured for two, the depth of flavour this method creates puts floppy, wet 'ham impostors' of today firmly in the shade.
You could not ask for a more impressive or splendid centrepiece for the dinner table. Alternatively Cumberland ham steaks and free-range eggs combine to give a simple, yet magnificent, meal for those with hearty appetites.
Cumberland Hams are available unsmoked or ready cooked, smoked or on the bone or boneless... the choice is yours. Small joints are also available which can be used as an ideal gift.


Well-smoked, cured, mature bellies are used to provide a versatile and increasingly popular product, which until recently was only made on the continent. Sold sliced very thinly or diced into cubes it has virtually limitless potential.


Dry Cured Cumberland Bacon
Salt, unrefined brown sugar and a dash of saltpetre remain the only ingredients in this original recipe. The result is superior, mouth-watering bacon, most unlike today's other bacon products. Matured for four weeks the product is lean and full flavoured, which does not shrivel or leave ugly white deposits in the pan after cooking.
Our bacon is available in a variety of cuts and pack sizes, as well as green or smoked. We are happy to slice the bacon in different thicknesses to suit the customers' needs.


Waberthwaite Cumberland Sausage
In the late 18th and early 19th centuries Whitehaven in Cumberland was one of the busiest ports in England. Many new and exotic spices first found their way to our shores via the port, and some became established ingredients in local products such as the traditional Cumberland sausage.
The Woodall family still use our original centuries old recipe to produce a 95% meat product.  Combining these Ingredients with best quality Shoulder pork doubtless contributed towards our being granted the PGI status for Traditional Cumberland Sausage which is entirely free of modern preservatives and colourings.
Please note we can supply gluten free Cumberland sausage, for those with wheat allergies or particular dietary requirements. For further information please contact us

Smoked Cumberland Sausage  

Smoked Cumberland Sausage
For those who prefer it, we can supply our Cumberland sausage smoked over oak. The sausage is cold smoked and therefore requires cooking before being served.
The Cumberland Sausage is available either loose or pre-packed in 400gm trays


Cumbrian Air Dried Ham
The first and for a long time the only company to produce a prosciutto style ham on a commercial scale in this country. Others have now followed our lead but we still believe the original remains the best.
Twelve months of patience are rewarded with a product that proves that there is no substitute for time. Traditionally supplied, sliced very thinly, it provides a mellow flavoured accompaniment to an amazing number of fruits and vegetables.

Sold as whole Cumbria air dried ham, either on the bone or boneless and sliced.


Country Cure Dry Cured Bacon and Gammon
Originally developed for the high quality catering market the Country Cure range is intended to provide an alternative to the mass produced brine injected products on offer to the public.
The meat is cured using modern techniques which leave more of the natural juices intact, ensuring a succulent product which does not shrink, stain or leave residue in the pan.
Preferred by those who enjoy milder flavours to traditionally dry cured products, without compromising or sacrificing quality.
The bacon is available as rindless back in a variety of pack sizes, and the gammons either as whole 'horse shoe' shaped boneless legs or sliced into steaks. Smoked varieties are available.

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